Monday, May 3, 2010

I think my blog is working . . . I got feedback today!

My daughter called me at work. "Mom, I'm reading your blog right now, and ewww."

It takes me a split second. "Are you referring to the last entry?"

"I am, and my friend has it open on his computer too. How could you? You're a . . . you're my mother!"

"Well, I used the word 'racy' to make the writing sound exciting. Maybe the passage I wrote wasn't exactly racy. More like integral to the plot. Don't forget, I have to make this blog interesting. I'm building a fan base."

"I don't know if you're qualified to talk about such things."

"You mean . . . ?"

"Yeah, s . . .e . . .x. It makes me wonder just what is going on inside your head."

"Uh, I wonder sometimes too, but trust me, I know a bit about this subject."

"Eww! Double eww!"


I think I'm onto something. A few more weeks of creative spin and this puppy could go viral.

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