Saturday, March 20, 2010

It has been an unusual week of record-breaking warm temperatures for March. The snow is gone and spirits have been lifted, mine included. I've been back in the writing saddle and cracked 25,000 words on the latest manuscript. Ideas are beginning to flow like spring sap. (Okay . . . that was a sad reach.) Anyhow, it's good to have some ideas bubbling up. I'm playing with point of view in this manuscript, and it's fun but also daunting. So far, I think it's coming together, but I still have a long stretch to go. I aim for 80,000 words, which equates to about 325 pages.

Writing events - I'm going to be part of the Arthur Ellis shortlist event at the Ottawa Public Library on Thursday evening, April 22nd and will take the opportunity to read for the first time from In Winter's Grip. I'll be discussing writing with three other mystery authors - R.J. Harlick, Linda Wiken (owner of Prime Crime) and Brian McKillop. Kate Jaimet, another young adult author and Ottawa Citizen reporter, will be leading the discussion. I've also been asked to work on publicity for the event with my buddy C.B. Forrest and will be sending a notice out to blogs today.

Also this week, I'm meeting with Rachel Sentes and Brian Wood, who are in from Edmonton for a few days. Rachel is doing publicity for my adult book and Brian is an agent. More about the visit in my next blog.

Guy Mercier created a funky little animation on my website on the Contact page. Check it out:

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