Friday, March 12, 2010

This week has been a write-off, writing-wise. I must have spring fever. My lofty goal of 500 words a day might have been a tad ambitious.

What did I do instead you ask?

I seem to have this curling addiction. I'm on three teams - two as skip (the one who decides strategy and throws the last two stones) and the other as third (the one who helps the skip with strategy and throws the second last two stones). I also like watching the sport on tv. Olympics, Briar . . . both take up a surprising amount of time. The good news is that all this wraps up in April.

I did accomplish a few things though. I wrote some Q's and A's for a press kit that my publicist Rachel Sentes requested, and we also set up a meeting. Rachel lives in Edmonton but will be in the Ottawa at the end of March. We've never met so I am looking forward to a visit over coffee. I also finished reading and judging all the short stories for the Awesome Authors contest. The library asked me to present the winners at the awards night on March 31st. The reading and judging also took up a surprising amount of time. There are some good young writers out there.

Oh yes, and last night, I finished reading Stieg Larsson's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It closes in on 900 pages, also taking a great deal of time to read. I'm going to put off reading the last in the series to give my eyes a rest . . . and to write a few pages . . . .

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