Saturday, March 23, 2019

Out From Under

I'm leaving on a jet plane ... early, early Wednesday morning. Direct flight to Vancouver and the Left Coast Crime conference at the Hyatt-Regency. Pretty sure it isn't actually a jet plane but I know what it definitely is not - one of the Boeing grounded planes, thank goodness.

I received unhappy news on Wednesday that my roommate Katherine Prairie is under the weather and won't be able to attend unless the antibiotics kick in and she's deemed fit to travel. My fingers are crossed. Otherwise, all the plans are in place. My panel will take place on Friday from 2:45 to 3:30 p.m. and the title is 'Police in Modern Crime Fiction'. I'm the only Canadian writer and the others include moderator Corey Lynn Fayman and panelists Catherine Maiorisi, Barbara Nickless and Greg Randall. I've linked to their sites so you can get to know them - some most interesting mysteries and thrillers to check out.

Kirkus reviewed Turning Secrets - the first time they've reviewed any of my books! For maximum enjoyment, I think this book, of all the books in the series, is best read after the others since it builds on what has gone before. For those of you who've asked me if this book will feature Dawn's father Fisher Dumont, the answer is a resounding yes :-) I'm excited for you to read this next-to-last book.

On the writing/work front, I completed my review of my editor's edits for the last Anna Sweet novella and await her return edits. This is like a tennis match - she volleys and I volley back, each of us putting our own spin on the text. I've also been working on my latest manuscript, hitting the 4000 word mark. I'm liking the story so far but have lots to work through in regards to plot. It's refreshing to be starting a completely new project even if a bit like flinging yourself off a cliff and aiming at the water.

I have another blog post to write this weekend for 7 Criminal Minds. The question asks what the main benefit of a publisher has been for my writing career so you can check out my thoughts on the matter this coming Monday.

I'm proud to say that I steered clear of mentioning the overnight dusting of snow because that would just be too depressing to talk about. (This is the first spring that Ted has shown interest in making a trip south next year around this time.) We've had a few days of rain, but the snowbanks are still several feet tall ... but I won't talk about that since I'm staying away from the depressing talk.

Weather reports say it's going to be warm and sunny in Vancouver next week.

Don't toy with me, Mother Nature!

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