Saturday, December 22, 2018

Visions of Sugar Plums

Two days until Christmas Eve. Yesterday was the first day of winter and Ottawa celebrated with a record rain fall just to make the season that much more jolly for all those last minute Christmas shoppers. The rain turned to snow overnight and it's looking like a mess out there. I'm in no hurry to run errands.

I completed my second edit of the latest manuscript on Tuesday and have set it aside until after Christmas when I'm hoping to have enough time to go through it for one last edit before sending it off to the publisher on January 1st. Luckily, I've had a lot to occupy myself with because it's all I can do not to delve right back in.  I think that working on my computer for several hours every day has become a habit - more than I realized. I've actually been feeling a little lost without the writing work anchoring my day.

This past Monday, I answered the question about books that I would recommend on 7 Criminal Minds blogspot and you can find the link here. The other contributing authors have each given their choices if you scroll through and you can find lots of good ideas for future reading, crime fiction as well as other genres.

One more bit of news this week concerns my Stonechild series being optioned for a tv series. The L.A. screenwriter who optioned the books was in touch with the news that he has a producer interested in the project. Nothing firm yet, but good to know that there is interest and people in the industry like the books and the characters. If anything develops, I'll be sure to let you know :-)

So, today is baking day. I'm starting with a tourtière and working my way through several batches of Christmas cookies. We're hosting three suppers and while I should be stressed, I'm feeling organized and on top of things  ... (Are these famous last words?) I've even got the gifts wrapped and under the tree and the house cleaned. This busyness is all that's been standing between me and that editing. Well that and the Netficks series Ozark with Justin Bateman. Ted and I have three episodes to go and I've got to say, a darker series would be hard to imagine. After every episode, I feel emotionally exhausted - but in a good way. I recommend the series if you're looking for an involved plot, good acting and some WTF moments.

This year's balsam

Time to put on some Christmas tunes and give my mix master a workout. I hope that you also have a lovely holiday season with family and friends. The magic of this time of year is the genuine hope and caring that brings people together in all parts of the world, no matter culture or religion. This is a time to reflect and to celebrate all of our blessings. I wish each of you those moments that bring genuine happiness and peace to the soul.

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