Saturday, December 15, 2018

Time to Break Open the Egg Nog

Only a week and a few days before Christmas. (Did your heart just lurch?) I must admit that I'm feeling distracted and having a hard time settling down to work at my computer.
However, I completed my first edit of my latest manuscript and am half way through a second edit, which I plan to have done before Christmas. I'm hoping to have a third read through before sending it off to Dundurn for January 1st. I have a few trips coming up in the early new year and will be happy to have some time without an imminent deadline. My next contract is with Grass Roots Press for another Anna Sweet novella but I have until the fall. I next have to start working on a plot idea, but lots of time for that ....

One of my trips is to Left Coast Crime in Vancouver in March. I've booked my flights and will be sharing a room with Kingston author Katherine Prairie. As I blogged previously, I've been to two LCCs - one in Monterey, California in 2014 and the other in Phoenix, Arizona in 2016. This spring book conference rarely comes to Canada so there will definitely be a Canadian slant to the events. - a chance to showcase some terrific Canadian crime writers.  Here are a few memorable moments from past LCCs since I haven't much novel (wink wink) to report this week.

Time to finish shopping, get baking, listen to Bing, and drink some egg nog. Cheers to a fun week ahead!

 On the tour up the Big Sur north of Monterey
On a panel with Ann Cleeves, Deborah Crombie, Louise Penny & Kathy Bennett 
Outside our hotel in Monterey
Shopping in Carmel with Linda Wiken and Mary Jane Maffini
A side trip to San Francisco on the way home.

And on to Phoenix two years later...

Supper in Scottsdale with Linda Wiken, Mary Jane Maffini, Ian Hamilton and Alex Brett, along with other Canadian writer friends

Canadian author evening at the famous Poisoned Pen bookshop in Scottsdale
 An afternoon at the botanical gardens in Phoenix with Barbara Fradkin, R.J. Harlick & Alex Brett (who took the photo)

 Loved the cactii

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