Saturday, October 27, 2018

Frost on the Pumpkin

How can this be the end of October already?

Monday, I posted my blog on 7 Criminal Minds and you can read where I'd go if I could time travel and find out what other authors think about the idea. Tuesday, I was invited back to the 1310 News Power Lunch, the day after the municipal election. The other guest was David Thompson, ex-mayor of Deep River ... so guess what we talked about with host Mark Sutcliffe? I follow the news quite closely so this gives me a reason to stay on top of events, and I get to give my opinion!

I also went with librarian Courtney Mellor to visit a second group of new Canadian women at a community centre on Thursday. Courtney talked about all the great services and ESL books in the public library and I introduced the Anna Sweet novellas along with a short reading. A woman translated everything into Arabic - again, a very welcoming group and fun afternoon. Courtney and I met several years ago when I was giving a writing workshop to kids at another branch so great to meet up again.

And between gigs, I was back at the keyboard but progress is going slowly. I think it's because I'm working out the ending and still not certain where this one is heading or how to tie everything together. I've jumped out of the plane and not sure if the parachute is working ...

Speaking of not working, my computer went on the fritz again so back we went to Staples where I'm on a first name basis with Steve and Steve (manager and repair guy with same name) who know their stuff and have been nothing but reassuring and thorough at getting the problem sorted. My computer is running much better now, and I've purchased additional Malware protection so fingers crossed this is the end of my problems.  Luckily, no writing lost.

I'm reminded of when I started working in the government with zero computer skills. We're talking twenty years ago when computers were just getting off the ground. Anyhow, it got so when I'd call the Help Desk, no matter who answered, they'd say, "Hey Brenda, how's it going today?" The worst was the time I deleted an entire drive and the tech guy worked for a couple of hours to find it. He didn't even seem all that surprised. Who knew you could even do that?!

I trust the Staples guys and I won't become  that chummy :-)

Looks like snow in the forecast tonight and tomorrow for the first time. I will admit that November is not my favoritest month of the year. The darkness comes so early in Ottawa and the days are often gray and overcast.

Good murder mystery weather though. Also, the perfect weather for some spooky Hallowe'en shenanigans. Have a good week treatful everyone.

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