Saturday, August 25, 2018

Keeping Busy

So an interesting week that was.

Last Saturday, I spent three hours with R.J. Harlick at Chapters Gloucester. The store workers told us it was a slow weekend (such beautiful weather) but we met a lot of readers, handed out bookmarks and sold lots of books anyway. Thank you to friends Darlene Cole, Nancy Reid and Lynne Wells Baxter for stopping by and brightening our afternoon.

Robin Harlick with a new reader

Thursday morning was the CBC Radio taping for All in a Day. I biked over to Thyme and Again where I met author Gerald Lynch for the first time and we were greeted by Associate Producer Julie Delaney with her tape recorder and microphone. In addition to being an author, Gerald is an English prof at Ottawa U. with lots of interesting insights - and a great sense of humour. After picking up some coffees, we climbed the steps to the second floor and settled in for the 'author to author' interview. The hour passed quickly and we had no end of topics to chat about. Julie will edit the talk down to about 15 minutes and it is scheduled for this coming Wednesday in the 5:30 to 6:00 p.m. slot if some breaking news doesn't crop up.

I was getting back into the writing groove when last night the Turning Secrets manuscript reappeared in my email for another review, this time checking for spelling and grammar/punctuation errors. A new copy editor will be looking through the manuscript at the same time as I am - the final time before this goes to the printer. I thought I'd had my last look at it so this was something of a surprise, but a good idea nonetheless. However, my current manuscript is on the back burner again.

I received a couple of invitations this week - one to a book club in September and another to an evening at Books on Beechwood in October, both of which I'm happy to accept. In addition, Beth Bruder, former VP at Dundurn called this week about a book club meeting for lunch in Cobourg who had chosen Cold Mourning as their book for the month. Beth had kindly recommended my series and will be a guest at the lunch.

So, last week in August. It's my Monday to post in 7 Criminal Minds blogspot and I'll need to get that going before I settle in to editing once again. The summer is winding down but it seems my workload isn't!

Have a great week, everyone and don't forget to check out All in a Day on Wednesday:-)

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