Saturday, August 18, 2018

Catching Up

Summer is slipping away. My neighbour Carol, a public school principal, has started going in to work in preparation for school starting in a few weeks. My daughters' curling seasons are days away from starting up again; in fact, may youngest Julia has spent the last week teaching at a curling camp. I know we say it every August, but where did the summer go?

I'm two-timing on this blog, having taken on a second gig. On Monday, August 13, I posted my first blog as a regular contributor on 7 Criminal Minds blogspot, which includes ten crime fiction authors from Canada and the U.S. I'll be posting every second Monday. We have a new question(s) every week, blogging Monday to Friday, and this past week, the topic was 'selecting a book title'. You can check out our different responses and find out how each of us go about it. Bookmark the site to keep up with the weekly topics.

This week, I'll be interviewing Gerald Lynch and he me, at a Westboro location for All in a Day on CBC Radio. We've yet to nail down the location but have a date and time. I read Gerald's book Omphalos in preparation and think we could have a most interesting chat! The episode should air the following Wednesday, but I'll confirm in next week's blog if you want to listen in. They post the interviews on the CBC site the next day, I'm told.

I've started back working on my latest manuscript, trying to get back into the daily groove. I'm going to have to settle in if I'm to make 60,000 words by the end of August. I'm not sure it's possible at this point but hope springs eternal.

And last note, I'll be at Chapters Gloucester signing copies of the Stonechild series this Sunday between noon and 3:00 p.m. if you have a chance to stop by.

Past signing at Chapters Gloucester

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer, everyone!

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