Saturday, May 5, 2018

More Excitement

Always a happy day - this was the first time I got to see the finished Bleeding Darkness as UPS delivered my author copies earlier this week. A box of bookmarks arrived from Dundurn the next day. The Canadian release date is May 10 so four more sleeps :-)

Oddly enough, the book to follow entitled Turning Secrets came back from my editor Shannon Whibbs two days ago with her edits for me to go through. I've combed through the first hundred pages already and am taking my time as I have until this Friday to get my changes back for round two. I'm also 25000 words into the book after Turning Secrets so you can imagine how confusing this entire process is becoming :-)

My publicist asked me to write a blog post to coincide with the book release and I managed to fit this in. I attempted to answer the question that I often get asked: "Where do you get your ideas for a book?" I'll post the link once it's posted.

More work going on behind the scenes to nail down dates for signings in Toronto and Kingston where I'll also be appearing on the morning television show. I also had coffee with Bernie who is lead singer in the band Green Floyd - they'll be playing at the Ottawa book launch on June 3. We talked about the music and flow of the afternoon. We're both meeting up with the owner of the Cross on Monday to talk about food and set up. I'm going to order some finger foods and will talk about the best spot to have Perfect Books have the books for sale. I'm also pleased that Katherine Hobbs is going to be MC. All seems to be coming together!

So back to editing today and watching the city clear away our neighbour's tree which blew down in the strong winds last night. We heard a big crack and saw an orange flash of light as the giant spruce hit the power lines. I initially thought something had caught fire. All the neighbours poured onto the street to have a look, happy that the tree missed hitting anyone or damaging property. This crazy spring weather continues ....

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