Saturday, May 26, 2018

And We're Off!

The Bleeding Darkness book launch is a week away and the publicity is picking up speed. I was on Cable 22 tv on Wednesday but not the show I was told I'd be on! I began to figure out something was not as intended when I checked online and saw that The Author's Journey was not listed for Wednesday ... and all the material I'd been sent was about this show. I went to the studio anyhow thinking I might not be on air that day, but the first thing I saw in the green room was my book lying on the table so I knew it was the right day. I was slated to be the final guest on Daytime Ottawa which was fine by me. There were several other guests and the host Dylan Black spoke with each of us briefly before heading into the studio. We watched the show on a giant tv screen while we waited our turn. A girl put mics on each guest right before they left the green room and were taken into the studio. I counted three cameras when I first entered the studio, but you really don't notice them once the interview starts. Below, I'm with Dylan Black after my segment and here is a link to the interview.

Monday, I have two events: Abbotsford House in the Glebe in the morning where I'll be speaking about my writing and reading from Bleeding Darkness, and a trip to Orleans in the afternoon to present my work to a sorority sister organization alongside Mary Jane Maffini, Barbara Fradkin, Linda Wiken and Robin Harlick. This one includes supper :-)

So the second complete edit of Turning Secrets is in the can and next, the manuscript goes to the copy editor. I'll be seeing it again soon to go through their changes so I'm not out of the woods yet. I managed to start writing again on the latest manuscript and should make my target word count for the month.

And somehow between writing and editing and publicity, I made five or six trips to plant shops and finished putting in my garden, which now includes a lot of flower pots and annuals. The perennials pretty much take care of themselves although a couple died over winter that needed replacing. Sadly, we're going to lose the big balsam in our front yard as slashes in the bark keep appearing and the tree tilts further with every good wind. It's kind of like losing an old friend that's been there forever.

Well it's race weekend in the Capital and we have my daughter Julia and her dog George home from Toronto. The coffee's on and the rain has stopped for the moment. Time to get this day underway. Good running to Julia and all those racing today and tomorrow and happy gardening to everyone!

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