Saturday, March 19, 2016

Peace and Love, People

I'm in a better place this week -- recovering nicely from last week's dental surgery and back in the saddle. I don't have much of a constitution for painkillers and the quicker I can stop taking them, the quicker I recover. Some years ago, I had a doctor tell me once that I would never be a drug addict after I didn't react well to strong painkillers following surgery. He's been right so far :-)

So, I'm almost done with my final edits of the fifth PI Anna Sweet novella. Not sure if I told you the title yet. It is (ta da) No Trace. My Grass Roots Press publisher and the editor both give the storyline a thumbs up, and we're just doing final tweaks.

I've been doing some behind the scenes work with my Dundurn publicist Michelle as we set up a few events and put out a few feelers for media ideas. I've also been pleased to receive several e-mails from readers with their reaction to Tumbled Graves and the series thus far. The thing that stands out for me is how much people care about my characters and what happens to them next. I have to say though, your suggestions won't have any impact -- the next installment is already written and their fates for the foreseeable future are sealed :-)

I'm wrapping up the final couple of weeks in my government communications job with a final date of March 30th. Many have asked how I'm feeling about retirement, and I have to say....really good! I'm going to have more time to spend on writing and less time on keeping all the balls in the air. I'm also looking forward to getting off a schedule and having to turn down opportunities because I just don't have the time. More time gardening, biking, curling, swimming, reading, cooking, visiting -- I see all this and more in my future. Maybe, I'll turn back time and become one of those chilled-out hippies eating homemade granola and growing my own coffee....okay, maybe, drinking not growing coffee, but you get the idea. There will be options. Lots of options.

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