Saturday, March 12, 2016

March Time Out

Good morning - I'm moving slowly today after dental surgery yesterday morning and adjusting to no solid food for three weeks. I can eat stuff like ice cream and mashed potatoes (which I'm not fond of) though and am a bit hepped up on painkillers. I'm also not to talk much for a few days, harder than you might think. The good news is that all went well and every hour is one hour more of healing.

Lots of great news on the publicity front this week. The launch is just a few weeks away now (April 3 at Whispers and I checked in with Books on Beechwood -- books are on order and all is set.

I've also been invited to be part of two panels: the first at the spring Ottawa International Writers Fest on Sunday, April 17 with three terrific crime writers - Joy Fielding, Linwood Barclay and John Lawton. And June 4, I will be appearing at Prose in the Park with three authors from different parts of the country - Ian Hamilton, Peter Kirby and Dietrich Kalteis with Dave Whellams moderating. This is the second year for this outdoor festival and a great chance to see new and established authors up close and personal, some local and others from all parts of the country. So exciting to be part of both festivals!

Then, on April 30, I'm going to be at Books on Beechwood as part of Authors for Indies day, to help support independent bookstores. I sent in a list of books I would recommend and the books will be on display and I'll be there for an hour from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. to interact with customers and plug the books.

Finally, Coles in Carlingwood contacted me for an April signing and we firmed up Saturday, April 23 from 11:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.  Another chance to stop by and chat and pick up a copy of Tumbled Graves :-)

The writing didn't happen this week and I still have one more read through of the Anna Sweet manuscript to complete. With the men's national curling Brier in Ottawa all week, I've spent a lot of time watching matches and away from the computer. Ted and I went to two games last weekend and visited the Patch. Unfortunately, my dental surgery is keeping me home for the final weekend.

My author copies of Tumbled Graves arrived last evening, and I got word that the cover for the fourth in the series should be ready within the next month or so. This one is called Shallow End. Looks like it will be out winter 2017.

Okay, I think I've kept my thoughts together long enough. Time to dribble something down my throat and have a nap. Until next week.....


  1. Take good care of yourself Brenda - lots of rest will help with the healing process.