Saturday, February 20, 2016

Getting Packed for Phoenix

So last week I stayed indoors because of bone-chilling temperatures (-45 C wind chill at its worst), and then I kept inside as a record amount of snow fell on Monday (51 cm) except to venture out for some shoveling over the next two days. Today, we have rain and freezing rain so I am once again hunkered down with no plans to step outside. This is perfect weather to read my first adult mystery In WInter's Grip if you haven't already - (I'm getting lots of inspiration for a sequel.)

I leave for Phoenix and Left Coast Crime on Wednesday and just checked the weather forecast. Looks like 29 to 30 C temps while there. I'm trying to remember what one wears in such above zero, sunny conditions.

In Phoenix, I'll be at the Poisoned Pen bookstore on Wed. evening along with other Canadian authors. A meet and greet with the bookstore's readers, including the Canadian snowbirds. On Friday evening, I'm part of the Crime Writers of Canada event, again introducing Canadian authors to the conference readers, and we have a solid contingent going this year. Finally, on Sunday morning, I'll be on a panel discussing sleuths in law enforcement. Then, a rush to the airport and home to winter in the North. I'll try to blog a bit and post some photos while I'm there so stay tuned.

One week from today is the official launch day for Tumbled Graves, but I know it was being distributed a few weeks ago. I've had a few readers who pre-ordered the book send their reviews to me already, and I've found this to be touching really. For someone whom I've never met to enjoy the book and series enough to take time to write to me makes me want to keep going on writing. Not to mention running into people I know who keep asking when they can get a copy :-)

I've managed about 3,000 words on the latest manuscript and it's starting to move along in the right direction. The one good thing about this crappy weather is that I've been at the keyboard more. I've also heard from the editor about the latest Anna Sweet manuscript and she says that I've 'done a great job setting Anna into motion again'. We'll be whipping the manuscript into final shape over the next month or so. One of my favorite parts is waiting for the cover art to show up in my inbox.

I spent an afternoon writing a guest blog post and taking photos of my office to go along with the post, which is about my favorite place to write. I have another guest blog post to write, but have more time to think of a subject since this one is wide open.

Lots to do.

But for now, more coffee and a hot bath to get the day underway. I plan to get in some writing and maybe work on my tax receipts before I settle in to watch the Scotties ladies curling on tv. We're entering into the month of national and international curling championships, which is an exciting time for those who love the sport, especially for those of us trying to avoid going outside on a rainy Saturday.

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