Saturday, August 22, 2015

Theatre and Homemade Peach Pie

I enjoyed my evening at the Perth Classic Theatre Festival alongside author Peggy Blair. A group of us met up for supper ahead of time at O'Reilly's pub with a choice spot on the outdoor patio. Our readings and chat were before the showing of Wait Until Dark.

A woman bought Butterfly Kills and In Winter's Grip, saying that she'd taken Cold Mourning out of the library and really liked it. She recommended Cold Mourning to her friend who then bought a copy - gratifying to have new readers discover my books. After the play, we spent the night and following day at a friend's cottage just outside Perth. We were in the middle of a heat wave so lovely to have a dip in Farren Lake and eat homemade peach pie. A few pics - Matthew Behrens on the far left of the first photo is the Associate Producer.

 Reading on stage
 Peggy Blair talks about her Inspector Ramirez series
Friends Kathryn and Carol
Liam's Peach Pie
The cottage at Farren Lake
Back at the keyboard in my spare hours. I've done a complete edit of my recent manuscript, which is a good thing as my Dundurn editor Jennifer was in touch mid-week requesting a synopsis to be presented at an editorial meeting this coming Thursday. I completed one and worked on the cover text. I found a few gaps in my plotline (I knew I would) and am writing a few more passages. I plan to have the manuscript to Jennifer sometime Sunday. Then, champagne all around!
I got a few requests this week - a Cumberland writing group asked me to speak about my adult literacy series at the Cumberland library at the end of September, and a television show on Cable 22 asked me to be interviewed end of October.
And finally this week, I've been plotting book five in the Stonechild and Rouleau series although I plan to take a few months' break. I have an Anna Sweet mystery to write before the Stonechild and have been running an idea for that one around in my head too, but I really am going to take a few months away from the keyboard ... well, a few weeks anyway!

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