Saturday, August 15, 2015

Heating Up Once Again

Today is the day I head to Perth to do a reading with Peggy Blair before the evening show Wait Until Dark. Some neighbours and Ted are coming along and we'll be all meeting up for an early supper in Perth. Promises to be a fun day, and a hot one. We've got a steamy week ahead with temperatures close to 40 c with the humidex factored in. Summer is definitely not over.

Update on my latest manuscript: I've spent four or five days going through and editing, checking the locations and timing and making good use of Google Earth and a Kingston street map. I have two weeks to tidy up the script and send it to Dundurn for the September 1 deadline. I'm going to make it! I should be able to reveal the title soon. I have one that the acquisitions editor likes but I want to make sure it is accepted after my editor reads the manuscript before sending into the cyber universe.

I also have been working on a blog entry for Kristina Stanley's site (in my spare time:-) and should have that ready in a few days. I met Kristina when she was living in Ottawa and she now lives in B.C. and recently released her first novel entitled  Descent. A fresh, new voice in Canadian crime fiction.

So, I have a few things to organize for my trip to Perth and hope to get in a few more hours of editing. Very soon, I am going to be taking a looooong holiday. I hope the warm weather holds....

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