Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas in My World

Seasons Greetings, everyone. I still find this a magical time of year - families and friends getting together for a meal, excited children waiting for Santa, and homes decked out in lights in the mid-winter darkness.

I caught the virus going around a couple of weeks ago (generously sharing it with Ted) and so was sick last week and missed blogging. We're both on the mend, and my sympathies go out to you if you also have come down with this flu/cold. Lots of tea and rest will get you through!

This has been a bit like Christmas in my book world. My copies of A Model Life (4th Anna Sweet) arrived in the Monday mail. I've signed a contract to write book five in the series, but it is not due until 2016.

I also received an e-mail through Facebook a few days ago from a Dundurn author that a box of Butterfly Kills arrived on his doorstep, obviously delivered to the wrong author. So difficult to know my copies are out there but I won't receive them for another week or so with the holidays shutting down Dundurn's office and warehouse. However, the author told me that the book looks great!

I'm working with an American publicist for the American release of Butterfly Kills at the end of February. I have a bit of homework to do as she's received requests from five blogs for me to post entries. I've completed two but have three to go. They're rather fun as each is asking different questions about me and my book. We're also getting nibbles from American reviewers, so keep your fingers crossed for good coverage.

Dundurn sent the electronic invitation for my February 8th Ottawa book launch to me and I'm waiting for Christmas to be over to send it out to all and sundry. I'm excited to have you read Butterfly Kills and to get your feedback. I think the story makes for a cracking good read :-) If you are in Ottawa, on Sunday, February 8th, come to Whispers between 2:00 and 4:00 pm and raise a glass with me to celebrate.

Writing time fell away with the week and a half of being sick, but I spent yesterday at the keyboard and am getting organized for the next chunk of the current manuscript I'm tackling. I've reached the 20,000 word mark and the writing momentum is starting to build. I find that I start slowly as I line up the ducks and then I go great guns, working on the story every spare minute. I used to worry that I was wasting time not writing at this point in the manuscript, but I've come to realize that this is part of my process.

Well, in amongst all this writing and publicity work, Ted and I visited with family and friends and prepared some big holiday dinners. Here are a few photos of our frivolity - I hope you are also taking time to enjoy time with family and friends and wish each of you a wonderful 2015 - Happy New Year, all!

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