Friday, January 2, 2015

Getting This New Year Underway

Not only do Christmas holidays play havoc with the diet/drink/sleep habits, but they also make the writing schedule go topsy turvy. I actually spent a few days reading through the first 20,000 words of this latest manuscript, making notes and doing a quick edit. Not quite done, but just need a few uninterrupted hours to finish...well maybe several uninterrupted hours.

I also spent some time completing three blog posts for three different American blogs. One involved casting my main characters in Butterfly Kills in a movie. I was slightly stressed at the idea as I haven't watched many movies lately and don't know the names of actors or directors with the exception of those hyper-famous ones, and who wants them -- their pay cheques alone would sink the movie. Luckily, my friend Sue Rothery is a movie buff and was more than happy to spend an afternoon e-mailing lists of possible candidates back and forth. We came up with some interesting choices, not to mention hot. I think Hollywood should give me a call.

I signed up for one book conference next year called Malice Domestic in Bathesda, Maryland. This will involve a road trip with my travel buddies Mary Jane Maffini and Linda Wiken with a new travel mate Vicki Delany. They're planning book stop events along the way so should be a novel experience. (ha ha.) I'll be sure to blog en route so you can come along. Already I have a bit of homework to do, needing to submit a bio and photo. The author panels are assigned closer to the event.

Still no sign of my Butterfly Kills copies from Dundurn but hopefully they'll land on my doorstep next week. I'm slowly starting to send out the book launch invitations. I happened to spend New Year's Eve at Whispers pub where the launch is being held, and Stacy the manager said all is lined up. I'll order some finger food the week before and will check in with Books on Beechwood who'll be on hand to sell books. Consider yourself invited.

Well, this weekend is devoted to watching my daughter Julia curl in ladies regional playdowns in Smiths Falls, so that writing schedule is still standing on its head. Yet, some things, like watching my daughter compete, are worth putting the writing on hold. Let's hope the winter storm the weather stations are predicting holds off.

So 2015 is off to a busy start - Happy New Year, everyone - I wish you a happy, healthy year ahead!

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