Saturday, July 13, 2013

July Interlude

This has been a quiet week on the writing front. I tidied up a few loose ends with Dundurn editor Jennifer McNight on the Cold Mourning manuscript, which is now off to final design and print. The ARCs or advance reading copies will go to reviewers six months ahead of publication in spring 2014.

I've cleaned my office as I get ready to start a new project. I must have shredded half a forest.

I've also dog sat for my daughter Julia this week. George is kind of a cutey so thought I'd post a pic.

And Ted continues with the backyard reno. The fence is up but still needs finishing details. The early morning shadows make for good working conditions. Later in the day, the full heat of the sun will make this a sweat box.

So, nearly half-way through July and the hot, humid weather took a two-day reprieve. It's making a return today if you believe the Weather Network. It'll be a good week to get going on a new writing project, in the air conditioning with a bottle of something cold at my elbow.

I love summer.

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