Saturday, August 18, 2012

What Lies Ahead

Another busy week - busy in my day job, busy writing, busy getting publicity stuff in order . . . boredom is a word I seldom use.

I was invited yesterday to give a workshop at the Smiths Falls Library one Saturday in September. I'll be teaching the short story workshop that I give to kids as part of the annual Awesome Authors contest for the Ottawa Public Library. It's part of Smiths Falls' culture days so should be a fun time. It's the week after the launch of Second Chances (Sept. 22nd from 2-4 at Collected Works) (I know you already have it on your calendars:-)

I don't get to too many events as a rule. There just aren't that many hours in my week once you factor in the full time job. I also start curling in October and am on two teams again this year. Actually, when I start to think about all the things I have to do this fall, little beads of sweat break out on my forehead.

I am really looking forward to the first two weeks in October though. I'm on holiday - Katherine Hobbs, Darlene Cole and I have rented a car to drive to Cleveland (9 hours) to attend Bouchercon. I'm hoping to be on a panel but already am lined up to be part of 'Meet the Canucks' night and the organizers have asked for bio and photo for the program. If I'm lucky, I'll meet Elizabeth George in
the pub or somewhere as I'm a huge fan of her Inspector Lynley series.We're going a day early to take in the sights of Cleveland, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I'll bring along my laptop and will blog at the scene. You may never have to leave the comfort of your living room again.

On my return to Ottawa, my sister and brother in law will be visiting from Thunder Bay and the following weekend, Ted and I will be going to a B & B in Kingston for a night so I can walk the streets . . .  (now that came out wrong) . . . to get the geography down for my second mystery in the adult series from Dundurn. (We'll be looking for more places to dump bodies.) The first called Cold Mourning, set in Ottawa, will be out in fall 2013.

Well, I've just exhausted myself so time to go mop my brow and have another cup of coffee. Hope everyone is having a great end of summer and enjoying the absence of oppressive heat. It's strange days when 25 degrees C feels cold.

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