Saturday, August 11, 2012

Going for Gold

This has been a wonderful week - much needed rain and steady writing. I've set a 500-word minimum for myself each day and have managed to meet or exceed without exception. I'm like one of those long distance runners in the Olympics only with less sweat and heavy breathing.

So here is one of Ottawa's better kept secrets - the walled garden of Maplelawn. It's not too far from our house and a good place to sit and contemplate life in the middle of the city.

It's maintained by a group of volunteers 'The Friends of Maplelawn' who work away every Sunday throughout the spring and summer. Every few weeks, new perennials are in bloom. Hard to believe this little oasis is open to the public with a picnic table and benches in the shade.

The building in the background is the original residence and now a Keg restaurant - another lovely place to spend an evening although costing your wallet somewhat more than a walk around the garden.

Okay, enough of an interlude. It's time to get back at the writing and make my word quota. I have two books on the go and some accounting work to take care of today. I've set up a giveaway of Second Chances on Goodreads this morning - Dundurn will donate and mail out the book to the winners so enter if you are able: Just three weeks until the book is officially available although you can preorder now . . . marketing should be another Olympic sport.

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