Saturday, January 28, 2012

Working Toward Goals

I love this photo by Frank Bowick - it captures the feel of these winter days.

First, good news on the publication front. The acquisitions editor for Dundurn likes my latest manuscript submission, an adult murder mystery set that I hope to make into a series. The book will need to be 'pitched' to the editorial board and so I have several assignments to do in the meantime. One is to think of a cover design idea. I also have to write a synopsis as well as several blurbs, much like you would see on the cover of a book. You might be surprised how much input authors have to the presentation and marketing of a book.

The manuscript will need fact checks and lots of revision before all is said and done, so lots of work ahead: first to get it accepted and second to get it publication ready. I am hopeful though and just a bit excited to have this one in reader hands. Once I get confirmation that it is a go, I'll start on the next book in the series - I already have several plot ideas in mind :-)

I've been beavering away on another Rapid Reads manuscript in the meantime and have hit the crux of the story. These are great fun to write and from all the feedback I've been given on The Second Wife, great fun to read. For those of you asking about its Golden Oak nomination, voting is done through the libraries by registered readers in May and the award is given out at a luncheon in Toronto on June 7th. I am planning to attend.

On the curling front, my daughter Lisa's team (Rachel Homan) finished first in the Ontario Scotties round robin and plays at 3 o'clock today in the one-two game. Loser plays the winner of the three-four game with the final tomorrow. All will be on Rogers tv or Shaw, depending on where you live in the province. There's been lots of excitement this week leading into the weekend.

In case you missed my Mystery Maven blog about awards, here is the link:

So, lots to do and already I find the weekends too short. Time to get the day underway . . . .

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