Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow Week in the Valley

My first full week back at work and the cold. snow and freezing rain moved into the Ottawa Valley. What do they call that when nature is in sympathy with mankind's (or in my case, womankind's) plight? I know it will come to me.

Anyhow, some hardy Capital Crime Writer members braved the elements to attend our panel discussion about the writing process on Wednesday evening in the auditorium of the main branch of the downtown library. It was both fun and informative - moderator Wynn Quon kept the flow of questions going for C.B. Forrest, Nadine Doolittle and me. Nadine works as a writer fulltime, living near Wakefield, Quebec while Chris and I both work fulltime in communications and try to fit the writing into busy schedules. I'm a fan of both authors' work and recommend that you pick up their books for a good read.

C.B. Forrest this past summer, dropping in on my book signing at Collected Works.

Nadine Doolittle at A Day to Kill author event in October.

It's the kind of weekend where I'm happy to stay indoors and putter. Sadly, the snow plow keeps zipping by and dropping a load of heavy snow at the end of the driveway and sidewalk, and I will shortly have to go outside to do more shovelling before heading to the grocery store. Since we were away last weekend, the food situation in my cupboards is quite dire and the laundry has piled well above sea level. I am, however, making some headway on a manuscript and intend to spend the bulk of my day writing. Housework be damned (did I write that out loud?)

I've heard from one of the librarians organizing the Awesome Authors contest, and I can expect a package of short stories at the beginning of February. It took me three weekends of reading last year and a few weeknights as I recall so I'll be allowing some time - the contest keeps growing in popularity (for kids 9-17), which is a double-edged sword for the judges - it's so good to have kids participate, but it makes our job more time-consuming. Still, I do enjoy reading their work - so much fun.

I also just registered for Bouchercon in October in Cleveland - a huge American mystery conference that brings in fans from all over the States. It seems fitting to visit the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year since Second Chances is set in 1971 when rock was coming into its own. I can still remember my high school history teacher playing Steppenwolf in the library "Born to be Wild". Not sure why he ignored the library noise bylaw . . . but it was a cooler time.

Just off to track down the snowplow operator to offer a bribe if he bypasses my driveway on the next run. I wonder if he reads mysteries . . . .

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