Friday, July 15, 2011

The Sticks Holding Up Our Windows Are Gone

I've been getting requests for updates on Ted's summer projects around the house. It was amazing last year how many followed my weekly updates on our front verandah - yes, I think if the project had proceeded much slower, Vegas would have gotten a bookie involved. Anyhow, while our gable end has remained exposed pink insulation for about a month now, you might be more interested in our beautiful new front door and windows as shown above. Ted optimistically told the company not to bother with the trim on the door and six new windows because . . . he's going to do it. That gnawing you hear is my knuckles.

I got an e-mail from Allister at Dundurn and he'll be editing my upcoming young adult novel Second Chances. The cover is approved and soon the manuscript will take its place in the queue. They send the cover and cover blurb off to catalogues and booksellers early in the process, even before the editing is complete. The entire process runs like a clock once it starts. My book is due out spring 2012.

Writing has been going well and quite enjoyable. I'm officially on vacation as of 3:40 this afternoon and now have time to put my nose to it. Some might think a holiday is no time to work on a project, but believe me when I say, writing is great fun. I'm at the spot in my story where my plot must come together, but it's still a long way from the end. Once the first draft is done, I have to edit for coherence, plotline, language, grammar . . . it could take weeks. I'm rubbing my hands together in delight at the very thought (not really, but I wanted to pull your chain a bit there).

So you ask what else I plan to do with my eighteen days of freedom? Check back next week for an update. Until then, picture me with my feet in the sand and a glass of sangria in my hand. All will become clear. Stay thirsty, my friends.

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  1. Your front door looks MARVELOUS! I passed on your anniversary wishes to Mom and Dad this afternoon and they say thank you!
    Cousin Jane