Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gone Swimming

Week two of vacation and lots of writing in this week. You may remember that I killed off an unexpected character last week. Well, I wrote several scenes afterwards and wasn't at all happy with the direction the story was taking. Yesterday, I went back and rewrote chunks, killing off the character I had originally intended to all along. I think this will work out much better. There's a lot going on in this book and I might need to par some of it down after the first draft is completed. That's where my reading critiquers will help. It can be hard to keep perspective so objective input is often required.

Today is my signing at Collected Works bookstore from 1:00 to 3:00. I've been doing some advertising and know that several friends will be dropping by. Should be fun. I've also hired a friend who does video and creative communications for a living to follow me around to events over the next few months. He's going to put together a video that gives a bit of my writing life for my website and Youtube. I don't know of any other authors who've done something similar so it should be an interesting foray into social media. Plus, Patrick does great work.

Well, back to the office on Wednesday. I've enjoyed this week, swimming every day and writing. I've been sticking close to home, enjoying solitude and time to work on my manuscript. Ted headed back to work so the gable end project is still languishing. The pink insulation is now bleached white from the sun. Still a few more months before the snow flies :-)

Well, off for a morning swim. Hope to see you this afternoon at Collected Works!

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