Friday, November 19, 2010

So, In Winter's Grip is officially launched. The evening was hugely successful for Barb Fradkin and me as we launched our adult mysteries. Lots of people turned up to buy the books, listen to our readings and mingle over finger foods and wine. Most civilized although I have to say, I felt a little pang of longing for my pub launches of old. Thank you to all who came to help celebrate and who bought books. Your support means more than I can ever say.

My two curling teams waited patiently while I book toured, flew to Saskatoon for work and lounged sick at home - three weeks gone from my regular life. I've curled two club games this week and have a full day with my ladies' team this weekend at a spiel in Navan. It's good to have a balance between sitting at a desk typing and socializing over curling rocks and glasses of wine that follow the games. lately, I'm thinking some wine before the game might help me throw the rocks better, but the wiser course might be to get out and practise.

Also around this time of year, I start to get little twinges about Christmas. I don't know if others are the same, but by December 1st, the pangs turn into outright panic at the thought of all the work ahead - planning meals, baking, decorating, shopping, wrapping, socializing. Last year, my family escaped to Las Vegas for Christmas week and I have to say, I loved being away. Still, just like this week's launch away from the familiar pub, I also missed being home and doing all the traditions. Life can be poignant when you least expect.
I'm planning to finish editing my Vietnam era YA manuscript this week and think I've come up with a title. I agonize over titles. In fact, I spend more time coming up with one than I do writing a chapter, several chapters even. I had the same trouble naming my daughters. Books are kind of like children. You also don't want to send them into the world saddled with the wrong moniker, or worse, one that makes you wonder years later just what in god's name you were thinking.

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