Saturday, September 4, 2010

Last Days of Summer

The Labour Day long weekend. Kids are getting ready to return to school, and the weather has turned from hot and stifling to cool and breezy. This always feels like the beginning of a new chapter - like one should sign up for courses and programs and get serious about doing something constructive. It also felt like a good morning to sleep in, so I went with that.

I've been reworking the ending of After Annie and will be giving the manuscript a new title. My Napoleon publisher tells me it is slated for release next fall, giving me lots of time to rejig. It's a YA book, but for older teens and set in the seventies. When I told my daughter about the setting, she asked what I knew about the seventies. I replied, "I lived through them." She said, " I forget how old your are." I'm thinking that's a compliment.

It's been a behind-the-scenes kind of week. Chris Forrest is trying to organize a launch of our new books in Toronto this November, but coming up with a date has proven to be difficult. Lots of to-ing and fro-ing with no resolution. I'm also in contact with Barbara Fradkin about our November 16th launch in Ottawa and we're meeting for supper next week to sort out details. The business of writing.

I met with Mike Levin, publisher of Unfolding online magazine, for coffee earlier this week. He wanted to talk about In Winter's Grip as he plans to put out a review closer to the date of release (end of September/beginning of October). Anyhow, it took me a bit to realize he was interviewing me and taking notes about the Orca book project. Another clue was when he pulled out his camera and had me sit on some steps to get a head shot. You can find the article on his blog (

The deck railing and caps for the posts are installed. My weekly updates will be trailing away but rest assured. Ted has new projects on his radar. Wait until you see what he has planned for the back yard.

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