Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Lull

This has been a fabulous week - weather-wise and writing-wise. The Orca contract arrived today, but I've been working all week on the manuscript. I'm really liking the main character of this story. It's great when the writing is flowing and sitting down at the computer is a pleasure. My next big task is to come up with a title. I'd rather write an entire book than have to come up with a title. Now that's where I get writers' block!

So, the rest of my life has been quiet - lots of thinking about the plotline when I'm not writing. I did hear from Rachel (publicist) and she'd putting posters for In Winter's Grip in all the B.C. Chapters. She's working on building a buzz. I'm also finishing up some preparation for my workshop and reading at Wakefest - only two weeks away. The summer is going way too quickly.

BIG NEWS - the steps are finally on the front deck. Neighbours are coming over and people are stopping by. I'm beginning to think people were getting worried that the project had stalled for good. This little bit of progress has been the talk of the neighbourhood :-)

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