Friday, August 20, 2010

So Many Projects. So Little Time

My seven a.m. walk to the transit station has gotten decidedly cooler this week. It's even dark when I wake up at six. I'm not sure I'm ready for jackets and sweaters, but it's not like there's a choice . . . unless you are my neighbour who dresses only in shorts, a tee-shirt and rubber boots in the dead of winter. Ted and I walked by him one 30 below evening, and he was shovelling his driveway in his shirt and shorts - we were so bundled up, all you could see were our faces peeking out of scarves (that's a bit of exaggeration as I've never actually seen Ted wearing a scarf). Anyhow, my neighbour has been reported on the radio: "Man in tee-shirt seen biking through Westboro during snowstorm." Yes, he's quite a sight to behold.

Anyhow, not sure why my mind went there. It is still hot in the afternoons. I should just cling onto that.

I had great fun writing the book for Orca. I'm done the first draft and have my critiquers giving it a read. So far, feedback has been most encouraging - glowing even (thank you Catharine Brown and waiting on you, Lisa Weagle). I'm also reading through In Winter's Grip one last time before it goes to press. I think I've read it just forty-five thousand times already - there's no more surprising me with the ending.

This is going to be an extremely busy fall. It all starts with Wakefest next Saturday. I'm teaching a three-hour workshop in the morning, then a little break, then readings from one to three. I've been preparing for the workshop and think it should be great fun. Also just got signed up to do a workshop at the library in November as I am going to judge short stories in the Awesome Authors contest again this year.

And the front steps . . . the lattice work is in and the railing is on the back of Ted's truck. Almost there - and we're now wondering if a hammock will fit so Ted can rest after all this exertion. As always, the weekly photo is on my Facebook fan page.

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