Friday, May 21, 2010

Just back from my visit to Mrs. Webster's Grade Six class at Leslie Park School. It's a little school, one story smack in the middle of a residential area, with about 130 kids. My group of 30 grade sixers was an enthusiastic lot with questions about the writing process and inspiration. My neighbour Carol is principal and she took me on a tour after the class, which was the last one of the day. The best thing was when three boys stayed behind to ask for my autograph - (I hope those weren't blank cheques they placed in front of me.)

I arrived home to a Winter's Grip manuscript in my in box from Allister, editor for RendezVous Crime. They've gone through it once and have some suggestions for me to wade through this weekend. Not too many though so it won't take all my time. I might have time for some writing if I can keep myself inside.

We're looking at a hot, sunny weekend and up to 35 or so by Tuesday. May has turned into July! I want to get to the plant store tomorrow and into the garden. May 24th weekend. This is when I'm all gung ho about gardening. The feeling wears off by end of June and then it's every plant for itself.

Next Friday, I'll be heading to Toronto with three girlfriends to take in Bloody Words mystery writing and fan conference. I'm on Friday night panel that has a bad girls' theme. I'm pretty sure they mean our characters and not us personally, but I can come up with some stories if pressed:-) Rachel Sentes even put out a news release that you can find on my website under media. The title makes me laugh.

Well, off to find some shade. Happy long weekend everyone.

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