Saturday, February 16, 2019


Did you hear my champagne cork pop this past Tuesday? I finished my novella manuscript and sent it off to the publisher Grass Roots Press. I now await their feedback. Such a lovely feeling when you think this is enough tinkering and send the book on its way. This one is tentatively called Close to Home. I like this story and how the series ends and am hopeful that it will be well received. I've now got the last two books done and they'll be published together in the fall. Grass Roots plans a marketing promotion for the new books and the entire series.

Not much else new this week to report. I've been taking it easy since Tuesday. Regrouping. I have made notes about my next project and mulling ideas over in my mind. I even began an opening chapter last night but only to set up the story. It's hard to stay away from the keyboard :-)

It was my Monday to post on 7 Criminal Minds blogspot and the topic concerned the sacrifices we make for our writing. You can read my thoughts on the subject here. This week, we have a new blogger named Abir Mukherjee who posted on Friday. Abir lives in Great Britain so very cool to have him join the blogging team from the U.S. and Canada. His books sound interesting too so check out his post and you'll have a new author to put on your reading list!

So, my Ottawa friends are probably surprised I didn't lead with the weather update since we just lived through snowmageddon - about 30 cm of snow in one day that shut down the city on Wednesday. Strong winds and frigid temperatures added to the misery. We were worried about a power outage and so prepared as best we could. Happily, that didn't happen. You can live without lights but no heat would have been a problem. Well, a better week coming up if predictions hold true. Even a few days of sunshine which will be a change.

The Scotties round robin starts today with Lisa and Team Homan's first game on TSN today at 1:30 EST. This is a great week to have my writing hiatus as I'll be plunked in front of the television for the weekend.

Good week ahead, everyone!

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