Saturday, February 2, 2019

Into February

We didn't think Ottawa was cold enough and so drove through a snowstorm on the 401 to St. Jacobs (north of Waterloo) where it was cold enough to hurt. We came to watch our daughter Lisa curl in the Ontario provincials, which means most of the days and evenings in a cold arena. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to go south in January ...

Spring in coming soon enough and plans are afoot for the Left Coast Crime conference in Vancouver in March. I've been assigned a panel but they won't be announced for a few weeks so mum's the word. I have to send in a little bio and pic for the program booklet and will get that done this week. It's coming up quickly.

The book festival Women Killing It announced some of the guest authors this week, including Joy Fielding, Iona Whishaw and me :-). The event takes place during the Labour Day weekend in Picton, Prince Edward County. This is its third year running and I hear is a great time. I'm excited to be taking part. There will be more author-guest announcements in the upcoming days.

Also this week, Donna Carrick interviewed me by phone for her Dead to Writes podcast and you can listen to it here. The interview is the January 27th date - S2 ES4.

I'm going to be back on 1310 News Radio's The Power Lunch at noon this Wednesday with host Mark Sutcliffe. It's a half hour show where two guests discuss the news of the day with Mark. You never know until the day what news will be topping the headlines. You can catch the show on Rogers Cable 22 and 1310 News Facebook live.

I managed to stay on track with my writing schedule but have taken a few days off with this bit of travel. I'll be back at it Monday and have zeroed in on 10,000 words so am getting there slowly but surely.

Another busy week already underway!

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