Saturday, September 22, 2018

Such a Good Week ... Until the Tornado!

So, my post was ready and the tornado hit west Ottawa taking out the power and Internet for a full 24 hours - but we're up and running as of a half hour ago. So without further ado ...

The first official day of autumn - well at 9:54 tonight to be exact. A gorgeous time of year in the Ottawa Valley before we settle in for the cold, snowy days ahead. If you've forgotten what those frigid days feel like, you can pick up copies of In Winter's Grip and Bleeding Darkness, where I've used winter as a chilly backdrop to murder. Ba da boom.

On Tuesday afternoon, I drove across the city to Orleans to meet with five lovely women in their newly formed book club to discuss Cold Mourning and writing over cups of tea. They were well prepared with questions, and happily, all liked the book:-) The time flew by with lots of interesting discussion and much laughter. They've since emailed me that they now consider themselves my groupies and have started reading Butterfly Kills and have put the entire series on their book list. How great is that?!

(sitting l to r) Audrey and Arlene, (standing l to r) Lynn, Laura and Rhonda -
 Thank you for all your hospitality and enthusiasm!
Signing some copies 

I had a quieter week overall and managed to get some writing in. I'm at the part in the book where I'm mulling over the how in the heck my detectives are going to put the clues together and find the killer(s). It's one thing for me to know motives and to manipulate the characters but quite another to have the cops figure everything out. As this is also the last Stonechild book in the series, I have some extra ends to tie up. Happily, I have a few quiet weeks ahead to get in more writing/thinking time.

Oh, and another good moment this week ... The Glebe Report published a terrific review of Bleeding Darkness in the section 'Books for the Season'. Between this and the book club visit, I felt like my cup ran over with so much encouragement and so many kind words.

Be sure to check out 7 Criminal Minds blog on Monday where I'll be answering the weekly question about how I keep my writing 'fresh and original'. Four more crime fiction writers will be answering the same question over the course of the week so a great chance to peek into our thought processes ... if you dare.

Off to find another cup of coffee. Good week ahead, everyone.

Hmmm. Groupies. One could get used to the sound of that ....

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  1. Looking forward to reading the next book Stonechild book! It's a great series. Very well written with "real" characters. Sad to hear it's the last book in the series however. What will you write next?