Saturday, September 29, 2018

Seeing Out September

Last week saw six tornadoes touch down in Ottawa Gatineau, causing massive power outages and untold destruction to homes and trees in isolated areas. First responders and hydro workers have worked tirelessly to get the city up and running and to help those most affected. Miraculously, nobody died although a handful of people suffered injuries, a few severe, and we are all hoping they are soon back in good health. The new alert system really did save lives, according to media reports. This was a climate change wake up call if there ever was one.

Once the power returned, I settled in to do some writing, but had issues with my desktop computer. I took it in for servicing, kicking myself for not updating my backup copy of the latest manuscript. I kept working on my laptop, hoping that my work wouldn't be lost. Happily, the computer came back with my manuscript intact. My second wake up call of the week :-)

I've been invited back to the 1310 News Radio's Power Lunch with host Mark Sutcliffe this coming Thursday from noon to 12:30. There certainly is a lot of news to delve into lately. The show is broadcast live on Rogers Cable 22 and 1310 News Facebook Live as well as 1310 radio (link above) Tune in if you have time!

I'm also taking part in a Books on Beechwood mystery evening with fellow crime fiction authors Barbara Fradkin and Iona Wilshaw. All are welcome to come out on Friday, October 12 from 7 to 9 p.m. The location is Books on Beechwood bookstore, 35 Beechwood Avenue. We'll be presenting our latest works and I hear wine and cheese are on the menu.

One final update for this week. The L.A. screenwriter who optioned my Stonechild books for a television series has renewed the option for another three months. He's working hard behind the scenes on a pitch to studios so good the prospect is still in play. I recognize how difficult it is to actually reach production, but still exciting to contemplate

So, more writing this weekend as I round into the final chapters of this last Stonechild and Rouleau book. It's starting to feel as if I'm on the downhill whoosh, picking up speed and having fun pulling everything together. I must say that it's easier to sit inside and work now that the weather has turned cooler. Once the first draft is complete, I'll have a lot of editing to get through, but still with a few months before deadline.

And we're sliding into October ... pumpkins, turkey dinners, falling leaves, Halloween ... one of my favourite times of year. Enjoy the day, everyone.

A pic from last year

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