Saturday, January 13, 2018

Better late ...

A late post.

Just home from a few days in Whitby watching our youngest Julia curl in the ladies provincials. Her team won three games but didn't quite make the playoffs. They had some good games, made lots of shots and played with heart. The future for Julia's curling career is bright.

Crazy weather out there Ontario. We went from about minus 30 C to plus 10 in a day. We had steady rain the last few days in Whitby  that turned to snow and ice overnight. The drive home on the 401 was no treat. We saw lots of empty cars in the ditches all along the route and a freshly spun out transport truck heading the other direction. A police car was on the scene. My next trip to Toronto on February 1st to the Ontario Library Association Super Conference will be on the train ... happily!

The writing week: completed the Anna Sweet novella and clocked in at the right word count. The target is 13000 to 14000 words so pacing is key. I set the manuscript aside while we were away and will tighten it up this week. I think it's a pretty good little mystery all in all.

I've also been plotting out my next Stonechild and Rouleau book and am itching to start writing the opening chapter. I'd like to have it written before heading to South Korea in February. For all those who've been wondering, we are going to the Olympics to cheer on Team Homan and our daughter Lisa. This is sure to be the event of a lifetime!

But for the next few weeks, hunkering down at the computer, getting some writing housekeeping done and gearing up for a busy February.

Good warm week ahead, everyone.

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