Saturday, July 4, 2015

Long, Lazy July Days

Writing is going well - cracked 70,000 words by July 1st and back on schedule. I'm at a point where I get to play god. Will my characters get into all sorts of trouble or will they escape getting caught? Believe it or not, their dilemma has had me waffling all week although based on past experience, I should go with my original plan much as I'm rooting for them to have it turn out differently. You've got to be tough to be a crime writer. Stick to your murders :-)

We did some tidying up and last minute details for Tumbled Graves and it was off to the printer last week. I'm not sure of its exact release date, but early 2016 sometime. The advance reading copies will be going out to reviewers, thus the space of time.

Two events on the horizon: I'm slated to be on CKCU Thursday, July 9th on Literary Landscapes, which is a Carleton University FM station running between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. EDT. The show can be heard anywhere from their website.

And Saturday, August 15th, I will be reading with Peggy Blair before the production of Wait Until Dark at the Classic Theatre Festival in Perth, Ontario. I was invited to do the same last summer and had a terrific time. The play was really well done in an old-style theatre. Perth has some lovely B & Bs and restaurants for an overnight getaway. There are two more Saturday performances with fellow crime writers reading before the play if you have one of the nights free and are looking for a fun time - order your tickets in advance.

So this was kind of cool yesterday. Cold Mourning and Butterfly Kills were one and three on the Native literature sales on I guess because I have an Aboriginal cop. I saved the memory with a screenshot.

Have a good week. everyone - the first week of July is looking like a keeper. Safe travels to all those heading out on vacation.

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