Saturday, October 18, 2014

Not Hibernating Yet

The big reveal: book #4 in the Anna Sweet mysteries from Grass Roots Press. Ta da...

So, what do you think? Several people who follow my Facebook page have said that they like it and find it striking. Not that I'm trying to influence your opinion.

And hard on the heels of the cover release came some more great news. The Hard Fall (2nd in the Anna Sweets) has been shortlisted by the Ontario Library Association for its Golden Oak award. This is an award for best in adult literacy books for 2014 and the final choice is made by librarians and adult learners in June in Toronto. So lovely news this week all around.

I made it downtown to Grounded Coffeehouse (a funky little spot on Gloucester at Metcalfe) on Wednesday night after my curling game to take part in the Mystery Cafe, organized by fellow Ottawa mystery author Mike Martin and featuring interviews and readings with my good buddies Mary Jane Maffini and Barbara Fradkin with musical entertainment by JD Robertson, Geoff Johnson and Daniel Laurin. There was a full house of mystery readers and it really was a  fun relaxed evening. Here are a few pics:

 Mike Martin, me (tucked in the back), Mary Jane Maffini and Barbara Fradkin
 A bigger me at the head of the line with Mike Martin and Mary Jane Maffini
Being interviewed (obviously with something serious to say) by Mike Martin
So switching gears this coming Saturday, I'll be taking part in the Kids Lit Cafe at the Greenboro Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. I'm to give a chat about writing to the older teens so am looking forward to that. A good line up of local children's authors will be talking to kids and being interviewed by Alan Neal from CBC Radio.
It's been one of the warmest weeks on record for October in Ottawa and around the country. Odd to see people in shorts and sandals when a week earlier we'd started wearing gloves and winter hats. The evenings have been sultry with warm rains starting a few days ago. An unusual autumn when our corner of the world is warmer than the southern States. A welcome reprieve before the snow and cold settle in.

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