Saturday, July 19, 2014

Celebration Day

Not a long post this morning as we are in the midst of wedding day preparations - yes, today my daughter Lisa gets married! We've had a busy week with lots of family and friends flying in from as far away as England with dinners and parties leading up to today. A very exciting time.

Lisa before the wedding rehearsal, July 18

We were actually at the wedding of one of Lisa's childhood friends this past Saturday and exiting the hall at going on midnight, I took this picture of the super moon and must say that the photo is suitably mysterious.

My first week of holidays, and I spent the first three week days editing my latest manuscript and pulling the plot together. This is a complicated one to get just right and I'll be spending next week working on it as well. That should leave me a week to get started on the Anna Sweet mystery due in the fall.

I also just received an invitation to appear on a mystery authors' panel at the Toronto International Book Festival in November, so I'm most excited about this opportunity. What's most cool is that the organizers contacted my publisher to invite me!

And finally, this week, the first advance review for Butterfly Kills from a book blogger appeared on Goodreads and it was just lovely. A nice way to start on the feedback.

So, I'm off to get ready for the wedding day - I should have a picture or two for next week's blog.

Wishing much happiness and fun to Lisa and Robin on their beautiful day.


  1. What a beautiful morning Brenda - may it be the most happy & memorable day ! Sending lots of love ...xo

  2. So glad you and Paul were part of Lisa and Robin's day - and it was happy and memorable!