Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Live to Edit

A fine looking weekend with lots to do both inside and outside - the Butterfly Kills manuscript has boomeranged back for another read through, due June 6. This is my last look so important to find any errors or inconsistencies this time around. I received it Tuesday afternoon and have been reading it in the evenings. I am now half-way complete. After June 6, the advance reading copies will be sent to reviewers and the release date appears to be early February. So great to see on Amazon that this book is already selling - people have been placing advance orders!

I started back on my latest manuscript and of course am pulled off again. My editor tells me that she's already made a pitch for it, sight unseen, and I can submit a synopsis and the first few chapters. I'll be pulling all this together after I finish editing Butterfly Kills.

And I leave this Thursday for Toronto and the Arthur Ellis awards dinner and Bloody Words. This will be a break from all the writing work, but still work of another sort. I'm involved in a Friday event catwalk of authors, showing off our book covers (fun or crazy?) and then up early Saturday morning for a nine a.m. panel and lunch with an Orca editor and a number of other authors. Saturday evening is another banquet. I'm not going to starve. Check back next week as I will do a blog entry from Toronto

So time to get this day underway. I'll review a few chapters before going to a plant nursery with Ted - he's doing great work on our back deck and now it's time to get the plants to finish off the scene. We're thinking a climbing rose and jasmine for the fence and I'm filling pots with flowers. It's hard to be inside editing when the weather is so gorgeous so I'm splitting myself in two. Half of me will be hard at work while the other half will be in the garden and lounging on the back deck . . .

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and week ahead. May the June sun shine on us for the foreseeable future :-)

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