Saturday, May 24, 2014

At the Keyboard . . .

As promised, I spent my entire long weekend (with the exception of a few barbeques) editing my editor's edits for Butterfly Kills - yes, that's a lot of edits. What I appreciate about Jennifer McNight is that she questions the logic and facts thoughout the entire manuscript to make certain that I haven't left anything dangling or changed my facts from one chapter to the next. It's kind of amazing but understandable the errors in logic that occur over the course of an 80,000 word book written over the course of a year. I also wrote the acknowledgements and dedication and found a brief quote to start the book. We had a Friday deadline to get the draft to the next person in the process who will be formatting the manuscript into its final book form. I'll be having one more look at the text before my work is done on this one.

The trouble with taking this time out for editing is that the momentum on my latest manuscript came to a grinding halt. I plan to get back on track today. My characters are hanging on the edge of the action and I'm sure are eager to find out what will happen to them. I know I am.

Up next on the publicity front, I'm heading to Bloody Words in Toronto on June 5, going a day early for the Arthur Ellis awards dinner.

I received my panel assignment this week - Split personality (writing more than one series, or a series & stand-alones, or different subgenres…) and will be alongside Mary Jane Maffini, Lou Allin, Kate Jaimet and Caro Soles - should be a great chat. I have experience for this panel, having written short stories, YA series and standalone, adult standalone, adult series for both mainstream and literacy. . . . sometimes I forget which character belongs to which book. My book titles have been known to elude me on occasion :-)

I'm also doing a repeat engagement at Perfect Books on Elgin at Somerset during a lunch hour on Thursday, June 19. I keep thinking that I should organize some signings at the Chapters or Coles around the city, and will put out a few feelers. And I've been invited to my first book club gig in July and am most excited about that. This book club has invited a different mystery author every year for the past few and they've told me that it is a lovely time.

A gorgeous looking day out there this morning. I have a few errands to run, including a trip to the Parkdale Market to pick up some plants. I'm hoping to get into the garden (can't write every minute) and spend a little time relaxing in the backyard. Ted has made great strides with the deck project - I picture many evenings lounging here with our neighbours and a bottle of wine.

Have a great day everyone!

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