Saturday, November 30, 2013

In the House

Last day of November. Cold and snowy just to put us in the mood for December.

This has felt like a lost week, struggling through dark, freezing mornings waiting at the bus stop on the way to work and returning under much the same conditions. Once home, I haven't felt like doing anything but wrapping myself in a blanket in front of the tv. And yet . . . .

I manged to write a few thousand words on the latest manuscript and caught up on a few publicity tasks, including updating my website about the two Winnipeg events this upcoming week. I'll be speaking to adult learners and their teachers at the Winnipeg Public Library on Wednesday afternoon and just received word that we have a full house booked - five literacy classes are registered to attend. And the Thursday evening, I'll be at McNally Robinson signing books from 6-8 pm. - tell your Winnipeg friends and family to come by and say hello.

So, tomorrow begins the Olympic curling trials - very exciting. We had a send off for the Ottawa players on Wednesday evening. What an achievement for everyone who made the trials - players, coaches, support systems, families and friends. It really does take a village.

Rachel Homan, Emma Miskew, Lisa Weagle, Heather Smith (5th) and Earl Morris (Ali Kerviazuk missing)

Go Team!

You can watch the games on TSN all week if you're not in the stands. So, I suppose  you can understand my distraction this week and the week to come.

A proud mom and cheering fan.

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