Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Busy Autumn

A late blog post today as I got called into work this morning. More writing of a different sort.

I received the edits for the third Anna Sweet mystery and started my review of the suggested changes last Sunday. I have a bit left to do and hope to get through the manuscript tomorrow. I also received a request for an event with Alan Cumyn to present our Grass Roots Press books to adult learners. Looks like I'll be introducing Anna Sweet one morning in November at an adult high school very close to my office. The books received a most encouraging review from Mystery Maven Canada on Friday.

My two publishers are also setting up some events in Winnipeg the first week of December - a signing at one of the bookstores and a library event, hopefully. More to follow.

I've been itching to get back working on my third Stonechild and Rouleau manuscript this week, but editing and work have kept me from the keyboard. I can't believe how time away makes me physically miss writing. I suppose this is a good thing. Once that longing is gone, the time and energy needed to write a book might seem too much. For now, the drive to write is healthy and not going anywhere.

I was worried about how Cold Mourning, the first in the Stonechild and Rouleau series would be received. Like most writers who work long hours on a manuscript, perspective gets lost. So far, I needn't have worried. The ARC has been reviewed by six bloggers and each has given it the thumbs up. One of the comments that brings joy to this old author's heart was: "I could not put this book down". Mission accomplished :-)

So, last Saturday, Ted and I escaped overnight to an exquisite B & B in Perth, Ontario to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversay. Perth Manor is a lovely old home, once owned by Perth's mayor and lovingly restored to its original splendor. We spent part of the day sipping wine in the back garden and then off for supper at the Stone Cellar. Just a lovely day in the Ottawa Valley.


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