Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bella May

Spring in my Ottawa garden:

It has been a busy week in my writing life. Last Sunday afternoon, I submitted my completed manuscript to Dundurn for the second in the Stonechild and Rouleau series. About a year and a half of writing finally completed . .  . well, the first draft anyhow. My editor for Cold Mourning, first in this series, began working on this manuscript on Monday and I'll be receiving her edits to go over the first week of June. I'll have two weeks to complete my review.

Meanwhile, I received the proofs for My Sister's Keeper early this week from Grass Roots Press and had to complete my review by Friday morning. The proofs are the manuscript laid out in book form. This review was looking for  missing words, type-set errors etc. I also had to submit a short bio and photo. The publisher is asking for the second in the series, and I managed to get this one started. I'll be working away on it this afternoon and tomorrow - pretty much every chance I get for the next while.

I also received an invitation from a new library branch opening in downtown Montreal for an author visit one Saturday afternoon in early July. They would like me to speak about and read from my adult books. This involved some e-mailing back and forth and submitting another bio and photo over the course of the week. A contract will be arriving shortly.

I've been back and forth with my web guy in Toronto this week, redoing the front page of my website. I want to have the news and social media more prominent on the main page so he's rejigging the content. It's still in production, so if you look at it now, you'll be able to compare the changes, likely in place within a few weeks.

Odd sometimes how this business goes. It can be quiet for weeks on end and then extremely busy all at once. Like life, really.

Last year at this time, we were getting ready to fly across the sea to Italy. I'm dreaming about another trip soon. Well, maybe I'm still dreaming about last year . . .

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