Saturday, April 6, 2013

Grumbles and Rumbles

Anybody else getting tired of the cold weather and snow? We seem to take one warmer step forward and then five cold ones back. I'm ready for some beach weather so bring it on Mother Nature. Start stutting your stuff.

I got a call from my mother in Thunder Bay last week that someone had sent in a letter to the Chronicle Journal saying that I was Homan lead Lisa Weagle's mom and they mentioned my books and blog and posted a photo from my blog. Such a nice thing  to do - Thank you S.R. Macgillivray!

And just a plug for Northwestern Ontario - if you haven't taken the drive up from the Sault along Lake Superior to Thunder Bay, but it on your bucket list. The beauty along that stretch will will take your breath away. You can visit my home town of Terrace Bay and meet some great people - get in a round of golf, rent a cabin on one of the pristine lakes, build a campfire on the beach, eat rainbow trout right out of the lake . . . get in some communing with nature. I know a return drive North is on my to-do-in-the-near future list.

Writing has been going well as I start wrapping up the latest manuscript. I'm just over 75,000 words and have hit the climax of the mystery. I find endings tough to get right. You have to tie everything up without 'telling' and it has to be satisfying. Right now, I'm wondering if anyone else is going to get killed. The person I'm thinking about doing in is just too hard to contemplate so they might just get a reprieve. I won't know until I start writing that part. Their life is definitely teetering on a narrow ledge but not sure if or how far they're going to fall.

I'm psyching myself up to get my tax information ready and in the to accountant. I swear to all that's holy that I just finished doing them for last year. Maybe it's all just a big government plot to brainwash us into handing over our money. We just think it's been a year . . . . I just hate taking the day or two it's going to take away from my writing . . . and away from not doing them.

I also have to thank Janice in Cold Lake who has me autograph books and send them to her friends and family as gifts in various parts of the country. Much appreciated my friend.

So, best get my sorry self into action and start accomplishing something today. I'll buckle down right after I have another coffee and warmed up with a bit of reading. I'm reading Gone Baby by Gillian Flynn and am hooked. 

Maybe, it is good that spring is holding off a bit. Otherwise, I'd be in the garden stretched out in a lawn chair, reading and having a nap.

It just feels like that kind of day.

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