Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Trek into the Ottawa Valley

To mark Culture Days on Saturday, I took a short road trip to Smiths Falls to teach a short story workshop at the Smiths Falls Library. I'm pictured above with some of the creative kids who took part. A big thank you to David Hoffman for inviting me and to librarian Debra Kuehl, who made me feel so welcome. Debra remembered me from a workshop I gave in 2005 when my first YA book Running Scared. was released. She said she still remembered parts of the story and really liked the book. She wasn't aware there are three more books in the series but said she would look into having them ordered.

Well, just three more days until I leave for Cleveland. I'll be driving down with Mary Jane Maffini, Robin Harlick and Linda Wiken since Katherine and Darlene had to change their plans a few weeks ago and won't be going. Between now and then, I'm on holidys and have a few guest blog posts to write. I'm also going to blog from Cleveland if all goes as planned so check back in over the course on next week.

It's been a busy week sports-wise as well. I began curling and have had a practice and two games already. Regular team play starts Monday and the way the schedule falls, I won't be missing any games because of Bouchercon. Ted and I also spent this morning visiting furniture stores as we search for the perfect couch to go in the newly finished bedroom. Hopefully, this will not take a year to accomplish :-) (Just kidding, Ted.) He's done a fabulous job of the room so I can't argue with that.

Not much else to report today except that I'm very happy to have the next few mornings to sleep in. I'm feeling like I need to recharge my battery.

Good week ahead, everyone.

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