Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Social Side of the Writing Life

Part of the fun stuff about being in the writing business is getting together with people who share the passion. Capital Crime Writers (CCW) is an Ottawa-centred group of writers and crime novel fans who meet the second Wednesday of every month (except summer) at the Library and Archives to listen to guest speakers on every subject you can imagine, from art fraud to human trafficking to the art of writing believable dialogue.

Monday after work, I met with my fellow CCW program-committee buddies Wynn Kwon and Thomas Curran at the Southern Cross restaurant on Bay Street downtown. (We've discovered that they have half-price appetizers until six every evening.) (yay) Anyhow, we came up with lots of great ideas for speakers and I was tasked with getting the first one lined up for September.

You might just want to come out for this one - Gary Holdsworth PI and lecturer and coordinator of public and private investigations at Algonquin College has agreed to come talk about the business. At $30/year to join our group, we really are the best deal in town. We also have a monthly newsletter and Christmas dinner with a well known guest speaker. Check out the site at

So, Darren 'Ottguy' McEwen set up and sent out a Facebook invitation  to the launch of Second Chances on September 22nd from 2:00-4:00 pm at Collected Works bookstore (Thanks Darren!) Dundurn is also making up posters and electronic invitations for me to send out and these should be available soon. Katherine Hobbs is going to be my MC and we'll have wine and refreshments. It'll just be a relaxed, mingling kind of event. Ted will even pull himself away from working on the upstairs bedroom to attend :-) and no, it's not done yet.

And the last thing I've been working on this week is helping to plan our trip to Bouchercon in Cleveland in early October. Darlene Cole, Katherine Hobbs and I are now thinking of making it a road trip and looking into renting a vehicle for the five days. Could be fun. (Ted's mentioned Thelma and Louise a few times.) Since the vehicle will be a rental, we'll steer clear of cliffs.

Writing is slowing but still going well this week. I'm soon going to go on a trip to Kingston for some research. Maybe, I should think about Paris for the next book . . . . I'm sure that would require at least a month of on-location research, probably in the springtime. Of course, I could always set something in Bermuda in the dead of winter.

Anyone up for another road trip?

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