Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stranger Than Fiction

This guy has the right idea. Take all your clothes off and sit in a fountain because it sure is hot in the Ottawa Valley, across Southern Ontario and the Eastern seaboard. Every morning I think, how few clothes can I get away with this work day? So far, nobody has picked me up for indecency so I haven't crossed any lines . . . yet.

The hot weather has me writing up a storm. It has been a very productive week and I'm pumped. Part of the fun of writing is creating a world populated by interesting people, some you might like to get to know and others, well . . .  I am writing murder mysteries. Some of the characters are on the shady side and others are just plain killers.

In this particular manuscript, the murder has me a little spooked - for real. I actually woke Ted up screaming in terror around three a.m. In my dream, a man was trying to drag me out of bed.  Hmmm.  Some might consider that a good thing, but I can assure you, it wasn't in this case.

Ted had been away for a few days last week and returned home on Thursday evening. I hadn't quite adjusted to him being back so when he came up to bed around midnight, I half-woke up from a deep sleep, thinking I should be alone in the house. For a few moments, panic took over as I got ready to do battle with an intruder. "What do you think you're doing?" I asked. Ted had to remind me that he lived here. He said later that he was very glad we don't own a gun.

So, I'm going to blame all this on the heat and will continue on with my latest storyline.

(Ted is hoping I write a romance novel next.)

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