Saturday, April 28, 2012

In the Halls of Justice

Thursday lunch hour, fellow Capital Crime Writer and retired Justice lawyer Dave Whellams and I gave a talk to some of our colleagues about writing and being published. Another colleague and former journalist Stephen Bindman moderated our talk. What a fun and relaxed event - in the photo above, Dave is to my left and Stephen is to his left. We're in a boardroom the floor below my office.

Stephen introduced us before we gave short readings. I went first . . .

And Dave went next (reading from his first mystery Walking into the Ocean.)

There were many questions about our inspiration, how and where we wrote, our process and even royalties. (We only had to plead the fifth on a few.) It really is good to have such strong support from work colleagues - Dave, Stephen and I think we'll take our show on the road :-) Thanks to Patrick Walton for being our photographer and for the great pics.

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