Saturday, March 10, 2012

Flying Pigs and Other Events of Note

Awesome author entries judged and results sent in. Check
Comments on each entry written. Check
Manuscript edited and off to Sylvia. Check
Next manuscript with my reviewers Lisa and Katherine for feedback. Check
Paint bought for the small bedroom project . . . uh, not yet . . . but there has been talk about buying it.

It's been a busy week heading into March. My next task, and one I put off every year, is compiling all my paperwork for tax time. I have a company do my tax return because they know the ins and outs of what a writer can claim as part of a small business. I have a stack of receipts spilling across my desk behind my computer screen all waiting to be recorded and filed. I can hardly wait to get started (and pigs really do fly).

Dundurn also e-mailed me that they received the ARCs (advance reading copies) of Second Chances and will be sending them off to reviewers. Many of the reviewers want the books well in advance of launch in order to have their review coincide with the publication date. Young adult books do not as a rule have the same reviewers as adult books - different markets and different ways of assessing the books. Different top-selling authors too.

Some new books launched this spring by local authors. Robin Harlick had a launch a few weeks ago that I missed but Katherine Hobbs and I will be going to her signing at Chapters Pinecrest this afternoon. I love the title of her latest Meg Harris - A Green Place for Dying. You can stop by and get a signed copy between one and four today. 

Linda Wiken, who owned Prime Crime bookstore, will be speaking at Capital Crime Writers monthly meeting on Wednesday at 7:00 pm at the Library and Archives on Wellington. A Killer Read is Linda's first book written under the pseudonym Erika Chase - check out her blog Mystery Maven Canada for lots of information about new mysteries and local authors. Better yet, come to the meeting on Wednesday and meet Linda in person. New members are always welcome. (It might be time you out-of-towners moved to Ottawa.)

So, what to do with my break from writing?  I stopped in and picked up some wine on my way home from work yesterday and am settling in to watch the Brier men's finals. (Go Ontarioooooo!) I'm letting my battery recharge before starting another project.

Oh yes, and their is that upcoming trip to Italy to dream about, not to mention plan for. Spring and the Easter bunny are just around the corner . . . .

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