Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lining Up the Projects

Well, the Awesome Author short stories arrived by courier on Tuesday for me to begin judging - all 155 of them. I'm quite a ways into the 9-11 year old entries and have found them imaginative and well written - our teachers are teaching some good language arts! A lot of fun to read, actually. I have a March 5th deadline.

I've also spent my lunch hours at work and some evenings polishing up my latest manuscript in preparation for its presentation to the Dundurn editorial team. I'm half-way through and hope to have it completed by the end of next week.

So you pretty much know how I'm spending my free time.

I've gotten questions lately about Ted's next project - many remember the summer of the front deck, a project that unfolded in the fulness of time (quite a full bit of time . . . ). Well, Ted's been painting one of the bedrooms since early fall 2011 and I hear it will soon be time to purchase the paint.  Here is a shot of the room in its original violet colour. He dismantled the loft last week to make painting easier. You can see the two beams at the ceiling where the loft boards go - we had it built for the girls when they were younger. I'll update the progress as we go along :-)

But this project is just a teaser. Ted has plans to build a deck in our back yard this summer. This is the project he had on the table last summer so I'm hopeful the year of thinking about it will bring some tangible results. His progress ought to keep my blog interesting once it begins.

Okay. Just one more photo. (I'm hoping he forgets to read my blog this week :-)

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